Hemorrhage Occluder™ Pin.

The Gold Standard for Presacral Bleeding Control

Presacral venous bleeding during pelvic surgery is a severe complication, which can result in massive hemorrhage and even death. When conventional methods fail, take control of presacral bleeding with Surgin’s Hemorrhage Occluder™ Pin. A time-tested solution to stop severe presacral bleeding.

Designed by Surgin, Inc. and Jeffrey W. Milsom, MD at the Cleveland Clinic the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is a rapid, effective and cost-saving solution for any Operating Room performing surgery in the pelvic space. Since its introduction in 1993 it has become the gold standard for sterile surgical thumbtacks, or sacral tacks to control severe presacral bleeding. Read more about the design and safety of our Hemorrhage Occluder Pin in the Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.